Why buy from California Crawfish?

  1. We are the only HACCP certified crawfish processing facility in the Sacramento area.  Our crawfish processing facility was built from the ground up to handle and comply with government laws and regulations.  

  2. We have over 20 years of handling live crawfish.  You will get the best quality.

  3. Every day during the crawfish season, we ship out thousands of pounds of crawfish to various restaurants across the country.


What species of crawfish does California Crawfish sell?

We sell red swamp crawfish, similar to the ones from Louisiana.


What months are they available?

Typically, they are available from July - October.


How can crawfish be purchased?

Two ways:

1.  Can be picked up at the Colusa facility by appointment.

2.  Can be air shipped to your nearest major airport.


Do you wholesale crawfish?

Yes, you must first contact us via email or phone.


What type of payments does California Crawfish accept?

Bank deposits and cash.  At the current time, credit cards aren’t accepted.


Do you sell frozen crawfish?

All of our crawfish are caught fresh daily.  We do not sell frozen.